Notion Templates

Two simple Notion templates to keep you connected with yourself and the people who matter most in your life

With only one semester left in school, I'm quickly realizing that connections are not easy to keep up. While I am someone who is always is looking to bring people together, sometimes being available and intentional is more difficult than I want it to be. Part of that is also being intentional with myself! To make 2023 my most connected and story filled year yet, I created these Notion templates to help myself stay connected with myself and everyone I consider a friend.

The Self Survey is both a 5 minute journal and a habit tracker in one. It uses Notion Forms to ask some easy questions that will help you remember the day, express gratitude, and stick with their new habits or anything that you might want to keep track of. One Call a Day is an idea from Bob Goff's book Dream Big. Just one 10 to 20-minute phone call a day keeps you actually connected with people who have fallen out of your circles on a much deeper level than scrolling past each others posts on social. I believe these templates will be super beneficial for your mental and spiritual health this year.

Copy these Notion Templates to your own workspace here:

Self Survey

One Call a Day